There are many technology tools and platforms that you can use to streamline construction project scheduling. These tools eliminate the need to develop new workflows from scratch.

Let us take a look at the top 5 construction scheduling methods for projects:

  1. Critical Path Method (CPM)

The most commonly used construction scheduling method in large construction projects is the Critical Path Method. The method focuses on the principle that the completion of certain activities depends on a few critical resources or constraints. Project managers use CPM to create a graphical view of the project and calculate the amount of time and…

If you wish to complete your projects on time, achieving the desired quality and financial goals you desire, you must schedule projects with care. Construction project scheduling plays a vital role in the success of any project. To keep your project on track, you must define realistic timelines, allocate appropriate resources, and manage quality to reduce product errors.

The most essential benefits of a good project scheduling process are lowered costs and improved customer satisfaction. Some of the other benefits worthy of attention include:

1. Reduces Lead Time: The project schedule outlines the tasks that you need to complete on…

When you consider commercial solar panel installation for your business, you often read the term — solar panel efficiency. Knowing what efficiency refers to and how it impacts the performance of a solar panel is vital. However, are there any other factors that you must consider to evaluate the right commercial solar panels for you?

Let’s find out.

1. Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is determined by estimating the amount of the sun’s energy that a solar panel can convert into electricity. …

Hiking is a vital low-impact workout. According to studies, it offers several physical as well as mental benefits. The outdoor activity helps to reduce anxiety and prevent osteoporosis apart from letting hikers enjoy beautiful scenic views.

Hiking is different from walking on a paved path or a treadmill. It involves more, sometimes surprising, elements. These elements are what make it joyful and fun. Here are some tips and tricks for a successful first trek.

  1. Start small with a trail suitable to your fitness level

The hike you choose should be a little shorter than the distance you can walk normally…

In the last few years, WPC decking has emerged as a highly popular feature in the gardens. After all, there isn’t a better place than your garden to soak the sunshine and enjoy scrumptious late evening meals. However, as time passes, the harsh effects of the sun and other environmental factors leave your decking slippery, dirty, and green. Sometimes, exposure to the rain, snow, frost, or sun also causes fading in colour and finish.

If you are seeing such changes, do not worry because all you need is a little bit of maintenance and protective action. …

While we’re known for our yoga mats, Sugarmat also has a plethora of props to support your practice. The latest addition in our prop family is our Stretching Ring with artwork featuring Chasing Thoughts Away by Dana Mooney.

Designed to improve your flexibility and aid your practice, the Stretching Ring features our best-selling Chasing Thoughts Away design, an homage to the city of Vancouver, and the inimitable great outdoors of British Columbia. The ring is compact and multifunctional; used properly, it assists you to deepen stretches, improves flexibility, and enhances yoga practice or mobility routine.

How to: Deep stretches


WPC brings warmth and a sense of richness to the exteriors of your home. It adds a distinct character and style unique to the material.

WPC planks have an aesthetically beautiful appearance. Their availability in a wide range of colours and textures makes them suitable for many types of exteriors. Additionally, they are durable and require little to no maintenance. So, if you are renovating your home or constructing a new one, here are six ways in which you can increase the curb appeal of your home’s exterior:

  1. Cladding

The beauty of natural wood looks very appealing when used as…

Restaurants, cafes, ice-cream parlours, and all other establishments in the F&B industry use factors like location, prices, and promotions to compete with each other. Very few of them try to steal the limelight with their interior design.

The interior design of a restaurant has an impact on the customer’s psychology and influences them to order more or less. Moreover, it affects their duration of stay at the restaurant.

In this article, let us understand the primary elements of restaurant interior design and its impact on the customers.

  1. Architecture and Design

The way you design the inside of your restaurant makes…

Today, shopping is more about the in-store experience. Shoppers want things to be as they like them. However, keeping up with the demands can be a little tricky for store owners.

Retailers must understand that the route to a shopper’s heart is through their senses, particularly the eyes. They must create a visual experience from the entrance of the store to the display of products and more.

Here are some commercial renovation ideas that can help you in creating an inspiring and memorable experience for your customers:

1. Window Displays

The first thing that customers see at any store is…

Zoho People is the complete online HR solution. It makes people management easier for businesses. The recent update to the software is the highly requested Facial Recognition.

What is a Facial Recognition System?

The feature is a part of the attendance management system. It is the easiest and safest way to mark attendance. When an employee uses the Zoho People mobile application, the feature captures an image of the employee’s face and validates their identity to record their check-in and check-out.

The objective of the feature is to prevent attendance fraud, identity theft, and other fraudulent activities. Moreover, it helps…

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